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José Vázquez Lucia Krommer

Annie LaflammeIrena TroupovàMatthias Wilke

Château de Thoiry

Eglise de MontchauvetChâteau de Rambouillet.

.Eglise de SenlisseEglise de Tacoignières

Instruction for early music enthusiasts and modern instrumentalists with an interest in Baroque and Renaissance music : 17-25 April 2004.

The instruments of the Orpheon Foundation, consisting of violins, violas, violoncelli, violoni and violas da gamba from the 16th to the 18th C., restored to original condition, will be made available to interested players of modern instruments. This is a unique opportunity for musicians to get acquainted with these old instruments and their repertory. International Faculty

A meeting with passionate musicians conducted by José Vázquez

Concerts : 5 différent programs during the course in many beautifull places in the Yvelines area

Three Concerts-Dinners

The whole academy will meet for a musical jam with dinner in a restaurant.Everyone is welcome to come and listen and play !

Discover of a living heritage

Les Festes de Thalie : 19, rue de l'Eglise - F- 78 770 Thoiry -+33 1 34 87 48 37 - e-mail