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Marcel Salomon sold the 10 following instruments to Georges Harding, who built a castle-like museum on his property at 49th and Lake Park Avenue, in Chicago. After Harding’s death in 1939, the Castle remained open to the public as a museum until the 1950s. Unfortunately the collection was dispersed to the ends of the earth. Several of the instruments turned up in a low end sale at Sotheby’s in New York in the 1980’s. "..." tried to buy one of them, an oval traveling clavichord in what looked like a double violin case. "..." was out bid by a Swiss collector named Wolfgang Ruff ( a collection worth looking into )..

Where are these instruments now ? See the Sotheby's auction catalog >>>

The only other instrument "..." knows about is the famous Ruckers double virginal which is
in a German museum >>>.


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