Le marquis de Baussant (Thoiry)

<<< Brilliantly Baroque 2007 : 14-22 april >>>

Seventh international music academy(16.-18. C) in Thoiry (Yvelines - France)

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Sabine Heinrich Lucia Krommer Annie Laflamme José Vazquez Irena Troupova Borbala Dobozy

A meeting with passionate musicians conducted by José Vázquez- Instruction for early music enthusiasts and modern instrumentalists with an interest in Baroque and Renaissance music.

The instruments of the Orpheon Foundation, consisting of violins, violas, cellos, violones and violas da gamba from the 16th to the 18th C., restored to original condition, have been made available to interested players of modern instruments. Unique opportunity for musicians to get acquainted with these old instruments and their repertory.

... with Concerts and "Concerts-dinners"...

Les Festes de Thalie : 19, rue de l'Eglise - F- 78 770 Thoiry -+33 1 34 87 48 37 - e-mail