Brilliantly Baroque in April 2010

10th international music course (16.-18. C) in Thoiry (Yvelines - France)


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updated 02-Déc-2012

A meeting with passionate musicians

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Workshop with Concerts ... Aperitif Concerts and Dinner Concerts

Instruction for early music enthusiasts and modern instrumentalists and singers with an interest in Baroque and Renaissance music. All baroque intruments welcome !

Chamber music, baroque orchestra, vocal ensemble, viola da gamba consorts, and dance for musicians, with passionated teachers :

The instruments of the Orpheon Foundation, consisting of violins, violas, cellos, violones and violas da gamba from the 16th to the 18th C., restored to original condition, will be made available also to modern players interested in getting to know the historical musical instruments : truly a unique learning opportunity.

Concert Programs : "Europe of the Enlightenment" >>>


" Whoever wishes to apply himself to music profitably will enjoy a considerable advantage if he falls into the hands of a good master at the very beginning. There are some who have the harmful delusion that at the outset it is unnecessary to have a good master in order to learn the fundamental principles. For the sake of economy they often take whoever is cheapest, and often someone who himself knows nothing at all, so that one blind man leads another. I advise the opposite course. The best master should be secured at the very beginning even if he must be paid two or three times as much as others. It will cost no more in the end and both time and effort will be saved. More can be accomplished in a year with a good master than in ten years with a poor one." J.J. Quantz “Method for Playing the Transverse Flute“

Les Festes de Thalie : 19, rue de l'Eglise - F- 78 770 Thoiry -+33 1 34 87 48 37 - e-mail